Sep. 23rd, 2011

I have literally a novel to catch all of you up on. Since last I wrote, things of event that occured are:
- My super amazing, crazy awesome, unbelievably fabulous trip to Ireland. I've been so lucky in life to visit so many different places; several states and islands, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, England, France, Puerto Rico, just to name a few....but this trip. Just, wow! There are few words to describe just how glorious it was. But hopefully enough words to write an entry about it. :)
- My sister and I made up after the Engagement disaster.
- I started graduate school.
- Graduate school kicked my ass.
- Wedding updates. I have my heart set on a venue, but there's still a couple other places to see. But, hey!, we have a date. 6/8/13, so far, yet so close...
- Today was my first day at my internship. I work with those who are mentally ill and may be substance abusers. I thought it'd be awful, but this first day went great. Really, really great. Everyone is so nice without being condescending. They're helpful, but don't man handle me. It's a nice change, and an even nicer environment.
- Megan moved in to her apartment in Queens and Chris is back up in Binghamton for school. I am the only Lynch baby at home. It's weird, and my parents definitely grate on my nerves more without the protective buffers of Meg and Chris to deflect, but it's alright.
- Finally taking Laser for his hypothyroid blood test tomorrow. I'm quite nervous about it, but I'm trying really hard to pretend it's a blood test to determine the level of awesome and love that is in his veins. Maybe you, too, one day, can be as avoidant as me.
- Seeing the other happy couple tomorrow...can't wait. Loooooove them soo much, xoxox.
- Anthony bought a house! Which I will live in, once grad school is over. It is a ranch and it is cute and it is on a corner. There is a big yard for Laser to play in and three bedrooms. This means we can have both an office and a guest room. There's a public bus stop the next block over, and a elementary school and church a short walk away. I love it and the quiet little neighborhood already. I am thrilled....still a bit nervous to take such a big step, but more enthralled that I'll be living with my boy, definitely soon!
- I think that was all I had to cover. Hopefully, this posts to LJ, as I did it on DW. look at me all cool with my abbreviating. I promise another update soon. Now that I have my whole schedule figured out, it should be easier to oblige you in such a way.



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