I have literally a novel to catch all of you up on. Since last I wrote, things of event that occured are:
- My super amazing, crazy awesome, unbelievably fabulous trip to Ireland. I've been so lucky in life to visit so many different places; several states and islands, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, England, France, Puerto Rico, just to name a few....but this trip. Just, wow! There are few words to describe just how glorious it was. But hopefully enough words to write an entry about it. :)
- My sister and I made up after the Engagement disaster.
- I started graduate school.
- Graduate school kicked my ass.
- Wedding updates. I have my heart set on a venue, but there's still a couple other places to see. But, hey!, we have a date. 6/8/13, so far, yet so close...
- Today was my first day at my internship. I work with those who are mentally ill and may be substance abusers. I thought it'd be awful, but this first day went great. Really, really great. Everyone is so nice without being condescending. They're helpful, but don't man handle me. It's a nice change, and an even nicer environment.
- Megan moved in to her apartment in Queens and Chris is back up in Binghamton for school. I am the only Lynch baby at home. It's weird, and my parents definitely grate on my nerves more without the protective buffers of Meg and Chris to deflect, but it's alright.
- Finally taking Laser for his hypothyroid blood test tomorrow. I'm quite nervous about it, but I'm trying really hard to pretend it's a blood test to determine the level of awesome and love that is in his veins. Maybe you, too, one day, can be as avoidant as me.
- Seeing the other happy couple tomorrow...can't wait. Loooooove them soo much, xoxox.
- Anthony bought a house! Which I will live in, once grad school is over. It is a ranch and it is cute and it is on a corner. There is a big yard for Laser to play in and three bedrooms. This means we can have both an office and a guest room. There's a public bus stop the next block over, and a elementary school and church a short walk away. I love it and the quiet little neighborhood already. I am thrilled....still a bit nervous to take such a big step, but more enthralled that I'll be living with my boy, definitely soon!
- I think that was all I had to cover. Hopefully, this posts to LJ, as I did it on DW. look at me all cool with my abbreviating. I promise another update soon. Now that I have my whole schedule figured out, it should be easier to oblige you in such a way.

I chose words and tears today over blood. I'm not proud of the tears, vecause everyone knows that big girls don't cry, but I am proud of the words; even if the words were weak ones. But I chose them and they are undoubtedly the better choice. When I was in high school, I wrote that words on a page wouldn't save anyone.

I choose to believe I was wrong.

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So z suppose its a new begibinning.
Ina writing thisf from nyyyyyyy ipod touch which. Finally works and its all very exciting. I know I'm naking more mistakes than I would if I were drunk, but itshumorous nonetheleess. A good marker for progress. Vut boy do Ii adnire you iphone users; this touchscreen shit is naaaaaaad hard!!

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A favor

Feb. 3rd, 2009 03:24 pm
Laser has been entered into the Bistle Pet Photo contest. He needs your votes to stay in the game. At the end of each week, the pet with the most votes advances to the finals. The winner of the final round gets their face on a Bistle pet product, and, most excitingly, a $10000 donation to the animal charity of the owner's choice. I'm asking that you vote for Laser, as we'd both appreciate it. The process is accessible and quick. Simply click the button below, enter your first name and email, and click "cast vote" (appears as a button for JAWS users). This widgit is to vote directly for Laser, but you're more than welcome to look at the other entrants, too.

Here's the link:


Thank you all for your support.
Sorry kids, but this journal is Friends Only.

I'm open to new people, so comment here and most likely I'll add you.



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